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You’re worried about enough things right now – don’t add looking bad while managing the layoff to your list. Our high-quality, budget-friendly layoff assistance will get you the answers and solutions you need fast. Partner with a trusted provider and lead with confidence.

Layoff Assistance

We’ve used other outplacement firms, many of them offer services by way of rhetoric. Unlike the others, IMPACT Group delivers a strong experience and high value, demonstrating that Grainger values all employees – including those who are leaving.

Hank Galatz
Associate General Counsel

Foot Locker has used IMPACT Group’s Outplacement Services for several years. They have consistently provided a high level of service. They have been highly successful in helping our employees transition into new roles. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great partner.

Brian Ziegler
VP Global Total Rewards
Foot Locker

IMPACT Group provides highly attentive service to our people in career transition and to us as a client.


Steven Kase
VP Human Resources


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Expert Guidance Each Step of the Way


Delivering layoff news requires preparation. Our experts will partner with your leaders. When laying staff off, you’ll have access to our proven methods to reduce risk, minimize stress, and preserve relationships.


IMPACT Group’s career transition coaches provide guidance as exiting employees look to what’s next. We offer unmatched expertise. Our program participants land a new role in half the time of the national average.


Our Leading through Change workshop equips leaders to calm fears, maintain productivity, and retain key players after a layoff. Take steps to ensure managers know what to do next.

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Layoff Assistance Helps Everyone Move Forward

A Small Investment in Outplacement Creates New Beginnings That are Meaningful & Rewarding

Layoff Assistance

The rapid rate of change means you need to hit the ground running both before and after laying staff off. Forward-thinking employers believe in the power of layoff assistance to create a brighter future for their employees and business. It protects your company’s brand, creates soft landings for exiting employees, and communicates a powerful message to remaining staff.

Your star talent needs reassurance that their values still align with your company’s vision. With talent retention being a key concern for HR, investing in outplacement when laying staff off proves you are invested in the success of everyone involved.

Outplacement counseling, or an outplacement coach, provides the needed expertise to help exiting employees land the best new role for them. Our clients commend us for being highly successful at helping employees transition. Coaching focuses on the practical side of the transition as well as the emotional aspects of change, including loss, separation, fear, and anger.

Layoff assistance also provides services for HR and managers. Your leaders will be well prepared for laying staff off both compassionately and professionally.

Must-Have Checklist for Workforce Reductions

Unsure where to start? Never done this before? Like any major project, breaking it down step by step gives you the action items you need when laying staff off. Don’t let fear and uncertainty stall your efforts.

Proper planning for you and your team will calm nerves, reduce risks to your organization, and ensure all employees are supported – both those who exit and those who remain.

This checklist walks you through the 4 phases of laying staff off. As our most downloaded content piece, hundreds of HR leaders have used it to help them prepare. Get started now to manage this time well and with a clear head.

Laying Staff Off
Partner with an expert to help everyone move forward.

What is Outplacement Coaching?

An outplacement coach is someone with training and professional experience who advises people on how to transition after job loss. The goal is a successful transition – whether that’s a replacement job, new career after upskilling, part-time consulting, starting a business, or active retirement.

Coaching focuses on the practical side of the transition as well as the emotional aspects of change, including loss, separation, fear, and anger. Outplacement counseling helps the exiting employee and organization rebuild confidence and a sense of empowerment after laying staff off.

More Than Ever, Your Employees Need Layoff Assistance

The longer it takes your employees to land successfully, the greater risk to your brand. Outplacement services help to resolve this issue. Today’s job searches are highly tech-enabled. That’s why outplacement coaches provide the much-needed support to optimize the job seeker and build critical online marketing skills.

IMPACT Group coaches job seekers on how to market themselves and even network online, interview via conference call as well as in person, and negotiate the best offer. 98% of program participants are satisfied with their coaching expereince. Get started with an outplacement expert today.

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