17 Reduction in Force Best Practices

Employee layoffs require careful consideration. Use this guide filled with 17 reduction in force best practices.

Reduction in Force Best Practices

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When emotions are high and stress is at a max, your managers will appreciate having expert advice to guide the way. This guide provides the language, tools, and support they need to deliver the separation message with compassion and sensitivity.

Reducing your staff requires careful consideration around who will deliver the news, how the news will be shared, and what should and should not be discussed. For anyone leading layoff conversations, these guiding principles will help you remain professional and compassionate while delivering the news.


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Discover how to select your outplacement partner. We’ll also help you share the news with your key audiences, which may include:

  • Separated employees
  • Remaining employees
  • Clients
  • Investors
  • General public
  • Supply chain partners


We’ve used other outplacement firms, many of them offer services by way of rhetoric. Unlike the others, IMPACT Group delivers a strong experience and high value, demonstrating that Grainger values all employees – including those who are leaving.

– Hank Galatz, Associate General Counsel at Grainger


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For three decades, we have worked with Fortune 1000 as well as smaller organizations through large and small staff reductions. Our virtual delivery model enables us to provide immediate coaching and support to companies around the world leveraging our team of expert outplacement and career coaches. We can help. Let’s explore how we can partner together.