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Executive Coaching in Atlanta

HR Leaders are placing a high priority on leadership development and organizational culture this year.  Your culture effects your ability to attract employees, retain talent, get employee buy-in, and innovate. A powerful, talent-attracting culture is characterized by leaders who build trust, display empathy, and promote inclusivity. How equipped are your leaders to achieve this?

Executive coaching empowers leaders to be the change agents your organization needs to enhance your culture and lead successful company transformations. LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report shares that 83% of organizations are focused on building a more people-centric culture. A transformation like this starts at the top.

Executive Coaching is Critical to Digital Success

Companies across the globe are investing in massive digital transformation projects to implement AI and other technologies. Risks are high if your team isn’t skilled in change management. Research from the Corporate Executive Board estimates that 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of being promoted, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within.

Investing in executive coaching can de-risk huge capital investments in digital transformation. Coaching provides transformational insights to help executives produce results under tremendous pressure.

  • Pressure to automate. With scarce available labor, companies will have to automate to be competititve.
  • Risk of bad ethics and outcomes. Ethical business decisions can’t be delegated to machines; human-powered leadership remains critical when harnessing AI and machine learning.
  • Business and people goal alignment. Innovation taxes people who need to adapt, learn, and sometimes fail before they succeed. Inspirational leaders keep everyone engaged in the challenge.

What Our Clients Say about Coaching

Executive Coaching Atlanta Overview

Through dedicated engagements with an executive coach and assessments, your leaders will gain insights into their full potential. They will also gain heightened overall effectiveness.

A structured framework with semi-monthly coaching commitments provides the perfect cadence to drive success, develop improved self-awareness, and focus on measurable and achievable goals. One-on-one executive coaching uncovers potentially derailing actions and behaviors to provide the clarity and focus leaders need to transform tomorrow.

Executive Coaching in Atlanta Can Help Build Trust

In a workplace world that’s facing low leadership trust, high quit rates, and constant change, the effectiveness of your C-Suite is on display. Investing in executive coaching in Atlanta is transformational.

Employers – especially in technology – have perpetuated a layoff culture in recent years. Significant layoffs have become the norm. While reorganizations and staffing adjustments may be integral to a company’s success, these changes can also erode trust. Those who remain are often left waiting for the next wave. However, people stay when they believe in the mission and in executive leadership.

Executive coaching has the power to create sustainable changes in leaders that increase transparency, honest, and people-centricity – all of which create environments of high trust, where employees and business thrives. Discover the real results clients achieve when they partner with IMPACT Group for executive coaching.

Our Clients See Results

Executive Coaching + Brain Science

IMPACT Group leverages the ARIA model — a brain-based approach to quickly move from Awareness to Action.

Executives report that these coaching engagements are transformative. In addition, huge gains are made in increasing self-awareness, honing a strategic approach, improving EQ, and maximizing their ability to motivate and inspire teams.

Through the process, executives gain invaluable insight into their next-level leadership potential, enjoy enhanced success with their teams, and experienced heightened overall effectiveness.

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Two Essentials for Leader Retention: Positive Culture & Development

With star talent at an unprecedented shortage, organizations recognize that attracting and keeping star players depends upon an attractive culture and opportunities for growth and development. Today’s executives and rising leaders won’t stay unless they are afforded personalized development. When your rising leaders are coached, they perceive the enormous value of private, confidential coaching has on their own development and performance. That’s why coaching builds retention.

Furthermore, corporate culture starts at the top. When your key executives participate in executive coaching, they build skills and mindsets that lead to new behaviors and cultural change. Those changes from the top have a cascading effect: When you transform your culture, you boost retention throughout the organization.

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