Executive Leadership Development Programs

Here’s How Executive Leadership Development Programs Retain Irreplaceable Talent

Executive leadership development programs transform good bosses into inspiring leaders. That helps you retain your star talent, because people stay with leaders they respect and trust. Enrolling rising leaders into these programs also sends a powerful message: We are investing in your future. we believe in you, and want you to stay!

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Executive Leadership Development Programs as a Retention Strategy

According to LinkedIn’s latest Workplace Learning Report, 90% of companies are providing learning opportunities as their No. 1 retention strategy. Several studies indicate that retaining top talent is the #1 HR challenge this year. Rightly so, with 62% of HR leaders concerned about losing talent in 2024. Investing in executive leadership development programs increases employee satisfaction and productivity at all levels. In fact, LinkedIn’s latest Workplace Learning Report shares that 90% of companies are providing learning opportunities as their No. 1 retention strategy. With inspiring leaders at the helm, your business will flourish.

Executive Leadership Development Programs

Benefits of Executive Leadership Development Programs*

Executive Leadership Development Programs
Executive Leadership Development Programs


Executive Leadership Development Programs


*Source: International Coaching Federation (ICF)

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Coaching Services for Executives

Executive Leadership Development Programs That Make an Impact

Executive Leadership Development Programs

IMPACT Group is a leading provider of executive leadership development programs. We transform bosses into leaders who retain the star talent your org needs to accomplish your ambitious business goals.

40% of employees who don’t rate their leader’s performance highly have interviewed for a new job in the last three months. Each time an employee leaves, it costs 33% of their annual salary to replace them on average. Retaining your star talent begins with investing in the effectiveness and influence of your top talent.

Tomorrow’s most successful organizations will be led by resilient leaders. Leadership training is a top-cited strategy for reducing turnover. In fact, 60% of HR leaders are investing more in it this year.

The benefits of executive leadership development programs are numerous, including:

  • Inspiring teams to achieve greatness
  • Increasing focus, productivity, and accountability
  • Executing on complex strategies that impact the trajectory of your company

Executive leadership development programs guide leaders to expand their ability to influence others and be truly effective. The best executive coaching challenges us and holds us accountable to accomplish more. That’s why well-managed organizations pair their executives with coaches.

What Our Clients Say About Coaching:

Myth vs Reality of Executive Coaching:

The cornerstone of executive development programs is coaching. Executive coaching has been around for decades, but questions linger about what executive coaching is really about. Let’s dispel some of the popular myths.

Myth 1. Executive coaches are only brought in to fix toxic behavior.
Coaching is typically offered to already successful, experienced executives and high-potential leaders. It’s more about helping talented leaders use their skills more effectively, not about taking corrective action.

Myth 2. Coaching is a hard sell.
Telling someone he needs a coach might seem a lot like telling him he needs a breath mint – it’s awkward. But in reality, that’s not at all how the conversation goes. It’s more like telling someone they’ve won something.

Myth 3. Executive coaching is expensive.
The actual cost might surprise you. With the rise in popularity of coaches, many leadership development companies now offer affordable coaching specifically for small and medium businesses – products that are affordable and successful.

Read the full article now to dispel even more myths around executive coaching! 

Executive Leadership Development Programs

How It Works

  • Dedicated engagements with executive coach
  • Birkman Method® and 360° Assessment
  • Structured framework with semi-monthly coaching commitments
  • Personalized action plan
  • Option to involve executive’s leader

Results of Executive Leadership Development Programs

Actionable Executive Coaching Services that Yield Results

Through one-on-one executive leadership development programs, your leaders will:

  • Gain insight into their potential. Your executives will experience heightened overall effectiveness while discovering their full potential.
  • Drive success. By improving overall effectiveness, leaders are better positioned to deliver exponential results for your company.
  • Develop improved self-awareness. Executives will discover and learn how to break through potentially derailing actions and behaviors.

  • Focus on their goals. Together the executive and coach will create a plan to work toward measurable, achievable goals.


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Activate rapid growth & turnaround with executive coaching.
ARIA Model

Actionable Executive Leadership Development Programs for Executives

IMPACT Group’s executive leadership development programs use the ARIA model — a brain-based approach to get from Awareness to Action.

Executives find these coaching engagements transformational. A one-on-one Executive Coach empowers leaders to build self-awareness, develop a strategic approach, grow their EQ, and enhance their ability to motivate teams – all key factors in driving exceptional results.

Through the process, they gain invaluable insight into their next-level leadership potential, enjoy enhanced success with their teams, and experienced heightened overall effectiveness. This is achieved through dedicated coaching engagements with an Executive Coach, structured framework for coaching engagements, assessments, and a personalized action plan.

8 Ways Your Team Benefits from an Executive Coach

Whether you engage with a sports coach or executive coach, the common denominator is performance improvement. Here are nine ways your team (and you) can benefit from coaching (read the full article now!): An executive coach . . . 

  • Provides a sounding board.
  • Shows your leaders they are valued.
  • Signals trust.
  • Helps leaders deal with conflict productively. 
  • Fosters cooperation.
  • Gives leaders a confidence boost. 
  • Offsets isolation. 
  • Inspires leaders to embrace change. 
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